Compesca is truly compromised with the quality of its products anf for that reason for more than a decade, she has bet for the strict standards of food safety, giving us a guaranty is our clients confidence.

On the object of making a step forward to sustainable articles, Compesca has included MSC/ASC products in her range that are supplied by fisheries and fishing plants that practice sustainable aquiculture not only with species but also with the environment and social levels.
The Compesca team, is continuously working in order to achieve continues improvement that leads to growth and ensure day after day the quality guaranty towards our clients.

Además, con objeto de dar un paso hacia artículos más sostenibles, Compesca ha incluido productos MSC/ASC dentro de su gama, provenientes de pesquerías y granjas de acuicultura sostenibles, que promueven prácticas responsables, tanto con las especies y el entorno, como a nivel social.

El equipo de Compesca sigue trabajando por una mejora continua que nos permita crecer y asegurar cada día la garantía de calidad hacia nuestros clientes.