About us

Compesca is a family run buisness founded in Santander in 1970. From the start the innovation and diversification has enabled the company to constantly and sustainably grow. The confidence and support of our clients and suppliers has been key to become after 50 years a company with a reference and reputation in the market.

Our activity is based in on the elaboration, handling and distribution of seafood products, prawns from different origins, shrimps, cephalopods, fish fillets, molluscs, surimi and value added products.
A universe of textures and tastes.


For doing our job correctly looking always for the quality and innovation.

Clients, our reason of existance

Cared by our commercial network and distribution, for all the national and international territory.

Our origin the world

The great purchasing capacity of Compesca in all origins, gives us strength opportunities enabling us to solve and attend all type of solutions to cover market demands.


More than 50 years of team work, is a guaranty for our clients.

Research and development

Seeking for new products and developments to satisfy the markets needs in constant evolution.

Food quality and safety

Food safety Control in all of the process to guarantee an excellent quality. Own laboratories. Certified by IFS.